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Uniting your life with someone else's is a transcendent experience. 

You deserve to be able to relive what you felt and thought on that exceptional day for the rest of your life.

Choosing someone to document such a momentous occasion is a big deal. And it isn't easy to sift through all of the options available out there.

So what sets us apart?
Read on, love.

what you deserve


[Beyond the range of a merely physical human experience. Surpassing the ordinary; exceptional.]

We promise more than "being there for xx hours" on your wedding day. Accepting a limited number of weddings allows us to give the highest level of care to every client.

We will become your friends.

We will put you at ease.

We will probably tear up with you when you say, "I do". 

And we will absolutely dance with you.

When you look through your image gallery and watch your film, you will be surprised by the moments that were captured of you when you didn't even know we were paying attention. Moments that you forgot had happened...but that you want to remember forever.

kamera & john

our vows to you


[a solemn promise.]

I met my husband at a lumberjack competition. We were both competing. He took 2nd place and I took 3rd. Next, he took my heart. And we've been sawing logs together ever since! 



quick facts

I give you permission to do your big day differently. Whatever  tradition it is that "they" want you to do, if it doesn't speak to your soul and give you all the feels, kindly nix it.



quick facts

I have 3 cute littles, all with nature inspired names. I kinda like outside.



quick facts

Hearing your vows makes me tear up every single time.



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Your turn! Head to the contact form and tell me a few quick facts about you and the love of your life! 



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-savon m.

"My favorite part was how fun kamera made it to have pictures taken and how thoughtful she was about us... She's captured our favorite moments and we get to enjoy the beauty of it all forever because of her pictures."


-Kate m.

“Kamera captures the small intimate moments, which I love...I definitely recommend her!”

"Intimate Moments"

-Phylicia J.

“Kamera...was born to have a camera in her hand. Our Photos are so beautiful & We got so many compliments on them. She’s so fun and creative. You’ll love her. Choose her and you’ll never regret. She seriously is incredible!!”


-anna n.

"Kamera is FANTASTIC in every way! She is fun and energetic. Not only is she talented but she makes taking pictures a very comfortable, confident experience. There was never a moment where I felt apprehensive or awkward! She is a 10/10 recommendation. We are thrilled!"


...she repeated to herself.

She inhaled...holding it for a moment...and then exhaled deeply.

And within that breath, moments from the past 2 years flashed through her mind.  

Meeting him. 

Falling in love for the last time.

And now...the realization settled in that this was it.

She began walking toward him and couldn't help but smile, as these steps forward were the most certain steps she had ever taken. 

As she joined hands with him, the tears she had been holding back all morning began streaming silently down her cheeks and the knot in her throat disappeared and she knew she'd never have to look back.

Just breathe...





Wedding photographer + filmmaker based in Utah and available for travel.